Asma Iqbal

Asma Iqbal

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, The

I want to thank my mom and dad because they have always supported me. They raised me to be strong and independent at a young age. My Dad would always tell me that the world was my oyster and I could do anything I set my mind to. He took me to my first feminist rally and taught me that your gender should not act as a label for what you can do. My mom taught me kindness and respect to strangers when she encouraged me to volunteer in the community.

If I came home with bad grades, they wouldn't berate me but motivate me to do better. If I came home with good grades, I would be congratulated and then challenged to do even better next time. When I was a child, I was still treated with the same respect and equality an adult would receive. They have never made me feel any less than anyone else.

They've even allowed me to stay at home while completing my degree to make the adjustment from high school to post-secondary a little easier on me.

I struggle with anxiety and depression and -- despite my Dad's serious heart condition-- my parents always make sure I receive the love and support I need to get through it.

They've always been there for me and though I can never repay them for everything they've done, I'll probably never stop trying.

That's just who they've raised me to be. :)